Setting Up Users

This guide will walk you through how to setup and manage users.


Note: Access to user management is contingent upon your user permission level.

Accessing User Setup

  1. Navigate to the Organization portal.
  2. Click on "Users" under the Users section.

Adding a New User

  1. Click "Add User" to initiate the user setup process.
  2. Choose the user type:
    • "Employee" for internal organization staff.
    • "External" for individuals outside the organization.

  1. Provide necessary user information:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Mobile phone (optional)
    • Work phone (optional)

  2. Click "Next" to proceed.

Defining User Access Level

Select the access level for the user:

  • Organization Owner:
    • Owns the entire organization.
  • Organization Admin:
    • Manages all companies in the organization.
    • Can add other organization users to the organization.
  • Organization User:
    • Access to all companies within the organization.
    • Can add company users.
  • Company User:
    • Limited to specified companies within the organization.

Company User Details

  • If "Company User" is chosen:
    • Specify companies the user should have access to.
    • Define the role:
      • Choose "Admin" for full access to the entire company.
      • Choose between any of your customized roles for customized access.
    • If "Admin" is selected, you can specify whether the user has access to create other company users

    • If a Customized role is selected, you can customize to which employees the user should have access to, see next section.

Customized Role Options

  • For custom roles:
    • You can specify user access to:
      • "All employees"
      • "Direct reports" (Only employees managed by the user)
      • "Specific employees" based on conditions (e.g., department, location).
        • You can Include or exclude specified employees (This will override the user filter conditions)

Two Factor Authentication

Select the "Force Two factor authentication" toggle, to force users to use 2 factor authentication when logging in.

Confirmation and Registration

  • Click "Next" to confirm selections.
  • The user will receive a registration email with instructions for completing their account setup.