Pay Rate Change Request & Approval Workflow


This feature offers organizations an efficient workflow for managing employee rate changes. With the ability to set up a streamlined process, users can submit rate change requests for employees, which are then subject to approval by designated administrators.

This feature is available to companies subscribed to the HR Premium package

Quick overview

Setting Up the Workflow

  1. Navigate to Company Rules & Alerts Request & Approvals User Requests.
  2. Click on the edit icon to access the configuration settings.
  3. Turn on the "Allow Request" option to enable users to submit rate change requests.
  4. Choose the assignee responsible for approving such requests. The assignee can be:
    • All users of a given role
    • The employee's manager
    • A specific user designated for this role
  5. Toggle the option to decide whether the assignee should receive an email notification when a rate change request is made.

Updating User Roles for Rate Change Requests

It's crucial to update your organization's applicable user roles to facilitate both the requesting and approving of rate changes. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Organization Portal > Roles.
  2. Find the relevant role and select People > Payroll. Toggle on the "Request Rate Change" option to allow users in this role to submit rate change requests.
  3. Update the organization's applicable user roles for approving rate changes by going to Organization Portal > Roles. Find the relevant role and select Actions > Requests. Toggle on the "Review Rate Change Request" option.

    Note: Company admins and organization users will always have the ability to approve change requests.

Important Note

If a request does not have an assignee (i.e. an employee doesn't have a manager to receive his request, or a role designated as assignee doesn't have associated users) the company admins will be considered the assignee instead